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About every artist you see in the exhibition rooms, you can find more information in the library. 

From top to bottom the space is filled with books about the artists in our collection, from antiquarian editions to recently published titles.

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Henri Matisse (1869-1954) - Jazz (1947)

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Kara Walker (1969) - Freedom. A Fable (1997)

Artists’ books

Between the bookshelves some showcase are built in to show artists’ books. These are not publications about an artist, but books made by an artist. Special techniques and materials are often used in artists’ books. Museum Voorlinden features a rare collection of artists’ books from different periods and styles.

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Andrea Milani

Andrea Milani from Studio Milani in Siena, Italy, has designed the interior of the library.

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“The light in the library shines from the shelves to the backs of the books, so that the light is reflected. The books literally bring enlightment.”

Andrea Milani