fbpx James Turrell – Skyspace - Voorlinden

James Turrell – Skyspace

Especially for museum Voorlinden, James Turrell (1943) designed a Skyspace (2016): a space with a square opening in the roof, through which you look straight up. This allows you to see the blue sky like you have never seen it before. If the weather is not so good, the roof is closed and you can see a light programme that Turrell composed especially for this space. In this programme, the artist plays with your perception and tries to make something as intangible as light tangible. For this Skyspace, Turrell also put together a Twilight Experience, a light programme that is precisely tuned to the Wassenaar twilight during sunrise and sunset. The soft, natural daylight contrasts with the bright, almost tangible colours of the lamps, and the result is truly breathtaking. This Twilight programme can only be experienced on special occasions – keep an eye on our newsletter and social channels for updates.

Skyspace is part of our Highlights and can always be seen, except in case of bad weather.

Vrouw zit in Skyspace van James Turrell