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Frequently asked questions

Voorlinden reopens on 5 June 2021

Is Voorlinden open?
Museum Voorlinden is open again on 5 June 2021. We have incorporated measures to make your visit as comfortable as possible. Tickets can therefore only be ordered online. We use time slots to disperse visitors. We ask all visitors to keep 1.5 meters distance and it is mandatory to wear a face mask. We ask you to move around the museum with a group of up to 4 people, excluding children up to 12 years of age. We ask families or households to stay together.

What measures will Voorlinden take to make my visit as comfortable as possible?

  • By only selling tickets online, we avoid contact at the box office and in this we way we can also spread the number of visitors.
  • Time slots enable us to control the number of people in the museum. You should register at the entrance of the museum at your chosen time. In case you arrive earlier, do not join the queue until your timeslot begins. This helps to avoid crowds.
  • You can visit the museum with a group of up to 4 adults. There is no restriction on group size for children up to 12 years of age. Are you coming with a group of more than 4 people that does not consist of one household? If so, the group will be split up at the entrance to the museum.
  • It is mandatory to wear a face mask.
  • The museum is cleaned more frequently and intensively. Lockers, keys and toilets are cleaned very regularly. This also applies to door handles, banisters and other contact objects.
  • Only use a locker if necessary. If possible, leave your coat in the car or wear it when in the museum. Small bags may be taken into the museum, backpacks are not allowed.
  • You can clean your hands with hand sanitizers that are provided in the museum entrance.
  • A one-way route runs through the museum. We have organised the museum in such a way that contact with other visitors is kept to a minimum.
  • As always, our Guides & Guards will safeguard the art and provide you with information. They also monitor that the distance of 1.5 metres is complied.
  • It is mandatory to use a shopping basket in the museum shop.
  • The artwork Skyspace by James Turrell is currently not open to visitors because it is not possible to comply with the 1.5 metres measures.
  • If you have a cough or cold, stay at home. You can change your tickets to another day free of charge.

Would you like to know what measures we take to make your visit as comfortable as possible? Please view our visitors video down below.

Is the restaurant open?
We love to welcome you at our restaurant and terrace before or after your museum visit. Here, we serve you coffee, tea, pastries, lunch and snacks. View the menu here. It is not possible to book a table in advance, we work with reservations at the door. It is only possible to pay with a debit or credit card. It is mandatory to wear a face mask. These may be taken off as soon as you take your seat at your table.
We have also set up a safari tent on the estate where you can get coffee, tea, soft drinks and sandwiches to go.
Both our restaurant and the safari tent are cash free. You can only pay by card.

Can I visit sculpture garden Clingenbosch?
Unfortunately it is not possible to visit sculpture garden Clingenbosch as we cannot guarantee correct implementation of the government guidelines during these tours. Visitors who have already booked a ticket for the sculpture garden will be informed about the return of their money as soon as possible.

Is it mandatory to wear a face mask?
Wearing a face mask is mandatory inside the museum and in our restaurant.

What exhibitions are on display?
At the moment, the new exhibition by artist Robin Rhode is on display, as well as our collection exhibition Listen to Your Eyes. We also have the room-filling installation P E R I O D by Fiona Banner and of course our Highlights on display.

Can I visit the museum with a group? 
You can visit the museum with a group of up to 4 adults. There is no restriction on group size for children up to 12 years of age. Are you coming with a group of more than 4 people that does not consist of one household? If so, the group will be split up at the entrance to the museum.

Can I leave the museum during my visit, for example for lunch?
Under the current circumstances, in which we are obliged to work with time slots and aim to spread out as much as possible, it is not possible to leave the museum in the meantime and go back inside again.

Your visit

What are the opening hours?
Museum Voorlinden is open daily from 11.00 to 17.00 hours. On Saturday and Sunday, we are open from 10.00 to 17.00 hours. We are working with time slots. You can choose your preferred timeslot whilst ordering your ticket online.

Is it necessary to buy tickets online prior to my visit?
It is only possible to buy tickets online. You can only buy tickets with time slots. This allows us to regulate the number of visitors and to maintain peace and safety in the museum. You can choose a time slot during the order process. 

There are no time slots available for the date and time I want to visit. Are there really no more tickets available?
We work with a maximum number of tickets per time slot. Our system always reports the current availability. It is not possible to be placed on a waiting list.

Can I change the date and time of my ticket(s)?
It is possible to change your ticket to another day and/or time. You can change this yourself up to 24 hours before your planned visit. If you need any help with changing your ticket(s), please contact us via info@voorlinden.nl or call 0031(0)70 512 1660.

I have a gift ticket or voucher. How can I book a time slot? 
As soon as you know when you want to visit Voorlinden, you can inform us of your preferred date and time slot via info@voorlinden.nl or by calling +31 (0)70 512 1660. We will then reserve a time slot for you. Please bring your gift ticket or voucher so it can be scanned at the door.

How long can I stay in the museum?
You can stay as long as you like.

Can I use a locker?
If possible, leave your coat in the car or wear it when in the museum. Small bags may be taken into the museum. Backpacks are not allowed. The lockers are carefully cleaned frequently.

Can I only pay by card or also with cash?
Voorlinden is cash free. It is therefore not possible to pay with cash. This applies to both the museum and our restaurant.

Can I visit the museum shop without a ticket?
This is possible on specific hours. Please send us an email via info@voorlinden.nl or call us at +31 (0)70 51 21 660 for an appointment. Our web shop is always accessible.

Is the Museumcard valid at museum Voorlinden?
The Museumcard is not valid. Museum Voorlinden runs entirely on the incomes from ticket sales, the restaurant and the museum shop. The museum does not receive any form of subsidy. We want to offer our visitors a high-quality international exhibition programme. In order to be able to finance this, we need the full entrance fees. We cannot join the Museumkaart Foundation because in that case we would receive a too limited share of the ticket fees through this foundation.

Who looks after the canaries in Carsten Höller’s work Singing Canaries Mobile (2009)?
To take good care of the canaries, a special care team is trained to look after them every day. They get new food, clean drinking water and their cages are cleaned on a daily basis. In the evening, after closing time, the lights in the room are turned off so that the canaries can rest. We have regular contact with the breeder who checks that the birds are healthy.


How do I get to museum Voorlinden?
Museum Voorlinden is accessible by car and public transport. Check the current timetable shortly before departure. Check all directions here. From the exit on the highway, the route is indicated by green signs.

What are the parking facilities on the Voorlinden estate?
Museum Voorlinden has a large number of free parking spaces. There are two parking spaces on the estate: P1 and P2. P1 is closest to the museum and the restaurant. There are also five disabled parking spaces.

Are there facilities for disabled persons?
The museum and restaurant are easily accessible by wheelchair. There are also plenty of wheelchairs on loan. These are free of charge and can be reserved in advance. Wheelchairs will be disinfected before use. We ask for an identity document as a deposit. Disabled parking spaces are available at P1.
Everyone must be able to show a valid admission ticket. Visitors who are unable to navigate their way through the museum independently, can bring a care-giver for free on presentation of a care-giver pass or letter signed by a family doctor or specialist. Read more.

As a disabled person, can I get to the main entrance of the museum by car?
Museum Voorlinden is located in a protected nature reserve. Cars are not allowed to enter all parts of the nature reserve. At the nearest car park (P1) there are five disabled parking spaces. We also free wheelchairs available, which can be reserved in advance. Read more.

Do you come to the museum alone as a disabled person? Please contact us at info@voorlinden.nl. We will be happy to think along with you.

Tours and events

Can I take a guided tour in the museum?
Due to group size restrictions, it is only possible to book a tour for up to 3 people per tour guide and up to 3 tours per time slot. A guided tour costs € 95,-, excluding museum admission.  Send an email to tour@voorlinden.nl and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Can I rent rooms and organise events at museum Voorlinden?
We are happy to inform you about the possibilities. Please contact us via event@voorlinden.nl.