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Frequently asked questions




Can I buy tickets on arrival at the museum or do I need to book my ticket online?
For the Ron Mueck Retrospective, from June 29th until November 17th, a ticket with a start time is required. You can only book this ticket in advance.

Can I change the date of my ticket(s)?
Yes, you can change your ticket date here. This possible until the start time on your ticket. Do you need help changing your ticket(s)? Please contact us via ticketservice@seetickets.nl or call +31 20 225 1758.

I have not received my tickets. What can I do?
Please check first if the email ended up in your spam or junk mail folder. Not there either? On the ticket service page you can have your tickets resent to you (see ‘Receive tickets again’).

I have a gift ticket or voucher. How can I use it as an entrance ticket? 
Bring your gift ticket or voucher and have it scanned at the desk in the museum. There will then receive an entrance ticket. You don’t need to book a start time in advance.

Can I only pay by card or also with cash?
Voorlinden is cash free. It is therefore not possible to pay with cash. This applies to both the museum and our restaurant.

Can I visit the museum shop without a ticket?
This is possible. Additionally, our web shop is always accessible.

Are the Museumcard or Vriendenloterij VIP-card valid at museum Voorlinden?
No, those cards are not valid. Museum Voorlinden is entirely depended on the incomes from ticket sales, the restaurant and the museum shop. The museum does not receive any form of subsidy.

I want to bring a companion for my visit. Do I need to book a ticket for them?
If you cannot visit the museum on your own, you can bring a maximum of one companion free of charge. Please go to the museum desk upon arrival. Because we cannot always determine whether someone is able to visit the museum unaccompanied or not, we may ask for a (public transport) companion card or a statement from the (family) doctor stating that assistance is needed.

I would like to visit the museum shop. Do I need a ticket?
You can also visit the museum shop without a ticket. Also good to know: you can shop any time of day in our webshop.


Is Voorlinden open?
Museum Voorlinden is open every day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, between 11:00 and 17:00 – also during public holidays. During the Ron Mueck Retrospective a ticket with start time is required and tickets cannot be purchased at the museum. You can only book a ticket in advance.

Is the restaurant open?
We love to welcome you at our restaurant and (when the weather is good) at our terrace before or after your museum visit, between 10:30 and 18:00 hours. Here, we serve you coffee, tea, pastries, lunch and snacks. It is not possible to book a table in advance. Voorlinden is cash free, so you can only pay with a debit or credit card.

During the summer months you can find the In ‘t groen pavilion on the Voorlinden estate. Here you can buy coffee, tea, soda, sandwiches and cakes to go at the bar. The pavilion may be closed due to an event or inclement weather.

How can I avoid the crowd?
The museum is often busier between 12 and 2 pm. Would you like a quieter time? Then visit the museum from 2 pm onwards or book a sensory-friendly visit with a special Silence on socks-ticket. Every weekend between 10 and 11 am you can enjoy the museum in silence!

Can I bring my coat and bag into the museum?
Backpacks and bags  larger than an A4 may not be brought into the museum. You can use a free locker. Coats and small bags may be taken into the museum.

Can I use a cloakroom or locker?
Yes. There is an unguarded cloakroom and there are free lockers.

How long can I stay at the museum?
You can stay as long as you want during opening hours.

Can I leave the museum during my visit, for example for lunch?
Yes. You can leave and re-enter the museum one time with your ticket.


How do I get to museum Voorlinden?
Museum Voorlinden is accessible by car and public transport. Check the current timetable shortly before departure. Check all directions here. From the exit on the highway, check for green signs which show the route to Voorlinden.

What are the parking facilities on the Voorlinden estate?
On the Voorlinden estate, you will find two car parks:
– P1 is closest to the museum and restaurant. You can find 5 parking spaces for people with physical disabilities here.
– P2 is immediately on the left when you enter the estate. Coaches can only park and drop off and pick up passengers at P2. Turning at P1 is not possible for coaches.

Are there facilities for disabled persons?
Museum Voorlinden is easily accessible for people using a wheelchair, walker, buggy or mobility scooter. The building is largely at floor-level and has a special entrance for aids of max 90 cm wide. You can borrow a wheelchair free of charge and there’s a sensory-friendly hour every weekend. Read more about our accessibility.

Tours and events

Can I take a guided tour in the museum?
Yes. A maximum of 15 people are assigned to each tour guide. You can view all information regarding our guided tours here. Tours can be booked online here.

Can I visit Sculpture Garden Clingenbosch?
Sculpture garden Clingenbosch is open every year from May until October on Thursday afternoons and can only be visited with a guide. Read more

Can I organise a meeting or event at museum Voorlinden?
Yes you can! There are several meeting rooms and possibilities. Please contact us if you have question via event@voorlinden.nl.