fbpx House rules - Voorlinden

House rules

Because we want to present and protect our art as good as possible and to guarantee the quality of each visit, we kindly ask you to respect our house rules.

1. All bags are not allowed in the museum. These can be stowed at the cloakroom or in a locker, to prevent accidental damage to the works of art.
2. It is not allowed to touch the works of art in the museum, unless specifically indicated otherwise.
3. Photographs can be taken in the museum, but only without a flash and without a tripod or selfie stick and for personal use only. It is not allowed to photograph for publicity purposes without permission.
4. Writing and drawing is allowed in the museum, but only with (coloured) pencil or ballpoint pen. Writing against the walls is not allowed. Sitting on the ground is only permitted when it is not too busy.
5. It is not allowed to bring food or drinks into Museum Voorlinden or to the restaurant. This is, however, possible on the surrounding estate.
6. Smoking is prohibited in the entire estate, including the restaurant.
7. With the exception of registered service dogs, animals are not permitted in the museum. On the estate, dogs must be leashed to protect the game and birds. Please do not leave your dog unattended when visiting the museum or the restaurant.
8. Museum Voorlinden is accessible to visitors with limited mobility. Wheelchairs and rollators are permitted.
9. The museum has some wheelchairs available for visitor use, with tires that are suited for the floor of the museum. Reserving a wheelchair in advance is possible. Read more.
10. Visitors who are unable to navigate their way through the museum independently, can bring a care-giver for free on presentation of a valid care-giver pass or letter signed by a family doctor or specialist.
11. Baby carriages and buggies are permitted in Museum Voorlinden. Segways, skateboards, scooters and roller skates are prohibited. These can be stowed in the cloak room.
12. Running and shouting is not allowed.
13. Groups of 10 persons with an average age of 18 years or younger must always be accompanied by an adult.
14. Groups consisting of 15 or more persons need to register their group visit through tour@voorlinden.nl.
15. Tours accompanied by your own guide are not permitted in Museum Voorlinden. You can reserve a tour via tour@voorlinden.nl. One of our qualified guides will be happy to inform you about the collection and the exhibitions.
16. Museum Voorlinden invites visitors to start a conversation about art. Please respect your fellow visitors and limit loud or troublesome noise. Telephone calls are allowed in the entrance hall, but not in other areas of the museum.
17. Visitors of Museum Voorlinden are recorded on camera. For your own safety and that of the museum we use video surveillance, inside and outside of the buildings.
18. Museum Voorlinden reserved the right to check the luggage of every visitor. In this context the visitor can be asked for their cooperation when our staff requests the inspection of bags and other items.
19. You are responsible for all damage you cause to artworks and to the museum building.
20. Instructions from our staff must be observed at all times.
21. Museum Voorlinden is authorized to deny your access to the museum, restaurant and to the estate in case you do not respect these rules.