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Museum Voorlinden is easily accessible for people who use a wheelchair, walker, buggy or scootmobile. The building is mainly on one level and has a special entrance for aids of max. 90 cm wide. You can also borrow a wheelchair. Would you like to come when it is quieter in the museum? Then come on weekdays after 2 pm and outside of school holidays.

In designing our museum and exhibitions, we have taken into account accessibility for everyone as much as possible. Our parking for people with physical disabilities is located at P1, which is closest to the museum. The museum has an adapted toilet with grab rails and an adapted washbasin. If you have any questions or need assistance during your visit, please tell one of our staff members. We are happy to help you!

Sensory-friendly visit

Every Saturday and Sunday morning between 10 and 11 am, you can enjoy a quiet and peaceful museum during the Silence on socks hour. Only a limited number of visitors are allowed to visit the museum then. We ask every visitor to put their phone on silent, save their conversations for later and store shoes in one of our free lockers, so that everyone can enjoy the works of art in peace. Tickets are best bought online in advance. There may be a small queue for ticket checks at the museum desk.

Wheelchair, rollator, buggy or scootmobile

It is possible to visit the museum with a wheelchair, walker, buggy or mobility scooter, as long as it is not wider than 90 cm. We may ask you to adjust the speed and sound of the aid during your visit if it could disturb other visitors. For the safety of our works of art, balance bikes and hand bikes are not permitted in the museum. Instead, you can use a wheelchair free of charge.

Wheelchair reservation

We want to offer everyone a pleasant museum visit. Do you need a wheelchair for an optimal experience? Then we will be happy to lend you one. Please send an e-mail to info@voorlinden.nl at least two working days in advance. Please mention the date and time of your visit. We will then bring a wheelchair to the car park for you. Please note: we ask a cash deposit of 50 euros.

Visit with companion

Is it not possible for you to visit the museum on your own? You can bring one companion free of charge. Because we are not always able to judge whether someone can visit the museum independently or not, we ask for a (public transport) companion card or a statement from the (family) doctor stating that assistance is needed in case of a minor or less visible disability.

Bringing a guide dog

Registered guide dogs are of course welcome in the museum and restaurant. You can clearly identify them by making sure they wear a vest or harness bearing the words ‘Do not pet’, ‘Do not distract’ or the logo of the guide dog organisation.

Limited access

Unfortunately, some works of art have limited access: the work Swimming Pool by Leandro Erlich can only be viewed from above with a wheelchair, walker, scootmobile or buggy. Unfortunately, the curves in Richard Serra’s corten steel artwork Open Ended are too narrow for wheelchairs.