fbpx Robin Rhode: an Introduction - Voorlinden

Robin Rhode: an Introduction

From 24 April 2021, museum Voorlinden will present the first solo exhibition featuring artist Robin Rhode (South Africa, 1976) in the Netherlands. In the run-up to this exhibition. Robin will take us to his studio, tell you all about his favourite works, his sources of inspiration and about his preparations for the exhibition at Voorlinden. Read more about the exhibition here

Part 1: introduction

Part 2: Studio Visit


Part 3: Packing crates


Part 4: Proteus


Part 5: Inspiration


Part 6: Compass – Male & Female


Part 7: Drawings


Part 8: Isolation


Part 9: The Weight of the Artist


Part 10: Installation


Part 11: Installation


Part 12: Performance Car on Bricks


Part 13: Performance Light Giver Light Taker


Part 14: Performance Chalk Bicycle