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Philip Vermeulen

By popping tennis balls at about 150 to 160 km per hour, at a distance of 14 metres, against two sound boxes, Philip Vermeulen creates the funkiest rhythms and thumping beats. With his impressive installation and composition Physical Rhythm Machine / Boem BOem, the young artist received acclaim at several festivals, such as Halle Am Berghain in Berlin and Mapping Festival in Geneva. […]

Herwig Ilegems

In Head to Head, Herwig Ilegems has a literal tête-à-tête with a variety of animals. He carefully places his forehead on an animal’s beak, nose or forehead. Will it allow this? Ilegems has no idea. Not wanting to force the animal, he tries to develop a relationship of trust. […]

Horizontal – Eija-Liisa Ahtila

With the cinematic installation Vaakasuora – Horizontal, Eija-Liisa Ahtila creates a living, horizontally oriented portrait of a spruce tree you can walk past.

This far and further

How can we together paint a hopeful picture for the future in these bizarre times? Museum Voorlinden takes a pause in its new collection exhibition This far and further to show how artists explore other paths. Thanks to the powers of their artistic imagination, you yourself start longing for a new vista and want to […]

Anselm Kiefer

Thanks to his idiosyncratic visual language, full of references to history, mythology and literature, Anselm Kiefer (1945) became one of the greatest artists of our time. In four decades, he has built an oeuvre of grand proportions with paintings, vitrines, installations, artists’ books and works on paper, such as collages and edited photographs. He is […]

Alex Katz

Pure colours, smooth surfaces and fine lines: these elements characterise the famous portraits and landscapes by the legendary Alex Katz (1927). In the 1950s, he developed his minimalist aesthetic as a reaction to abstract expressionism. He proved an important precursor of Pop Art and, as a painter of modern life in American culture and society, […]

Rinus Van de Velde

With drawings, sculptures, installations and moving images, Rinus Van de Velde (1983) creates intriguing, almost filmic scenes in which elements from our reality and his imagination merge. Especially for Voorlinden, he will create an exhibition in which he combines his own work with his favourite works from the museum’s collection.

Anouk Kruithof – Universal Tongue

Twerking, Vogue, Fortnite, flash mobs, a Sufi or chair dance: YouTube is full of videos of people dancing. And there are more dance videos uploaded every minute. With a team of 52 researchers from all over the world, artist Anouk Kruithof researched dance videos on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Together they found 1,000 dance styles […]

Art is the Antidote

Lockdowns, hardening and division? Art is the antidote! Museum Voorlinden proves this with its new exhibition Art is the Antidote. With a large dose of sparkling, socially engaged and funny artworks from its own collection, the museum acts as a charging station, a place where you can build up your resistance. The exhibition is on display […]