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What would it be like to walk in the clouds? In the collection exhibition Cloudwalker, you can see how artists make the impossible come true.

Philippe Cognée – Le catalogue de Bâle

The dizzying collection of works in Le catalogue de Bâle (The Basel Catalogue) by Philippe Cognée is based on works that were shown at Art Basel.

Sam Taylor-Johnson – Sigh

In the video installation Sigh, by Sam Taylor-Johnson, the BBC Concert Orchestra plays a musical piece without instruments.

Michaël Borremans

With his intriguing and mysterious paintings, Michaël Borremans (1963) has been captivating and surprising people for over two decades. At Voorlinden, you get the chance to experience Borremans’ spellbinding paintings.

Ron Mueck

In summer 2024, Voorlinden is creating an extraordinary world within its museum walls with an overwhelming solo exhibition by Ron Mueck.

Alicja Kwade – Die Notwendigkeit der Dinge

The solo exhibition of Alicja Kwade at Voorlinden promises to be an immersive experience, one that will challenge your perception.

Full Moon

The moon’s magical light has enthralled artists for centuries. The fascination with the sun’s reflection on the moon triggers a movement. For just as the seas and oceans sway to the pull of the moon, artists and works of art inspire each other. That is what Full Moon is about.

Rogier Roeters

Shame, doubt, fear, joy, longing and loneliness: Rogier Roeters pinpoints in his work exactly where it matters. With incredible speed, he manages to flawlessly reproduce a wide range of universal emotions. His solo exhibition at Voorlinden shows the abundance, the raw, the boundless and the unfiltered of the artist’s work.

Maarten Baas – It’s about time

From June 10 you can see the wonderful works of Maarten Baas at Voorlinden. In his solo exhibition ‘It’s about time’ he shows the most recent clocks from his ‘Real Time’ series, the fascinating visual installation ‘I think, therefore I was’, the digital waterfall ‘Second Nature’ and a brand new ‘Clay’-work that reaches up to the sky.