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Beat Zoderer – Less and More

19 February - 15 May 2022

Museum Voorlinden proudly presents the first solo exhibition in the Netherlands of Beat Zoderer (1955). With everyday materials, he makes colourful objects, installations and sculptures, each of which is an attempt to create order out of chaos. Beat is one of the most prominent artists in Switzerland, yet he is hardly known in the Netherlands. Voorlinden is going to change this. The solo exhibition can be seen from 19 February to 15 May 2022.

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If you walk around in a Swiss do-it-yourself shop or office supply store, you might run into Beat Zoderer. Because that is where the Swiss artist buys the materials for his constructivist works of art. And these materials are clearly recognizable, because Zoderer does not process them, but uses them to build up complex structures. These structures seem almost methodical, based on a mathematical formula, but in reality Beat’s work is purely based on randomness. The choice of the materials provides a framework, but the idea follows in the execution. His intuition is thus leading, and this is precisely what makes Zoderer’s work instinctively appealing.

Beat Zoderer: ‘The idea can sometimes only be thought out in its realisation’.

Photo: Antoine van Kaam

Contemporary Constructivism

For Beat, the largely spontaneous process of creation is an attempt to create order out of chaos. Yet in his contemporary interpretation of constructive art, he consciously leaves room for imperfections and mistakes. He shows you how his works of art are constructed, what they are made of. That makes his work extra approachable and attractive to the viewer. You experience countless possibilities in the clear traces of the creative process. And in this way Beat simultaneously deconstructs and revitalizes geometric and constructive art. He uses the same rigorous rationality and urge for perfectionism, but places them in a human and achievable perspective.

Beat Zoderer: ‘I outline something for you, in your mind you make it perfect’.

Photo: Antoine van Kaam

Colourful encounter

In Switzerland, Beat Zoderer is one of the most prominent artists. Museum Voorlinden has also had Beat’s work in its collection for years. But the Netherlands has yet to discover this contemporary constructivist. The solo exhibition is intended to change that. From 19 February to 15 May 2022, Voorlinden will present a fascinating overview of Beat’s colourful and extensive oeuvre. With large, overwhelming installations, complex, playful sculptures, and small, intimate objects, which only make the viewer long for more.

Director Suzanne Swarts: ‘The work of Beat Zoderer gives me hope. It is unpretentious art that does not want to be perfect, that you want to imitate. And it makes you long for more.’

Photo: Antoine van Kaam