fbpx Michaël Borremans - Voorlinden

Michaël Borremans

30 November 2024 - 23 March 2025

With his intriguing and mysterious paintings, Michaël Borremans has been captivating and surprising people for over two decades. At Voorlinden, you get the chance to experience Borremans’ spellbinding mastery in full for yourself. In his solo exhibition, the contemporary master will present you with confusing beauty and challenge your imagination.

The Belgian artist Michaël Borremans (1963) studied photography in Ghent, only later taking up drawing and then painting. His work is characterised by a psychological tension, an intriguing suspense. With his unequivocal images, Borremans creates confusion and plays with your perception.

Michaël Borremans: ‘Paintings are mysterious. They are like a door or window to a place you cannot enter, but you can see. And I use this aspect strongly in all my work.’ 

Header image: Michaël Borremans, Fire from the Sun (Four Figures), 2017 – Collection museum Voorlinden