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Voorlinden Classic

Young talent pays tribute to classical masters on the first Monday morning of the month; that is the concept of Voorlinden Classic. This successful concert series will return for the 2024-2025 season, with a first concert on 2 September. The concerts are held in the museum’s auditorium and after the concert, you can visit the exhibitions. The programme of Voorlinden Classic is partly made together with the Stichting Eigen Muziekinstrument.

Tickets are 32,50 euros including entrance to the museum and can only be bought online:

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9.15 am Restaurant open
9.30 am Cloakroom in the museum open
9:40 am Auditorium open
10 am Concert starts
11 am End of concert
Afterwards you can visit the museum.



Monday 2 September 2024

Colourful, dramatic music on the peak of Romanticism: the Brackman Trio performs on violin, cello and piano two works by 20th-century giants Dmitri Shostakovich and Arnold Schönberg, and the lesser-known composer Nikolay Roslavets.

Brackman Trio (photo: Sarah Wijzenbeek)

Monday 7 October 2024

The Butter Quartet has played at many international festivals and will release their debut album Scintilla in July 2024. At Voorlinden, they will play Joseph Haydn’s string quartet opus 50 No 5, also known as ‘the dream’.

Butter Quartet (photo: Lukasz Rajchert)

Monday 4 November 2024

Clarinetist Jelmer De Moed and pianist Rik Kuppen have been a well-matched duo for years. In 2019, they released their EP Dwaallicht and made their debut at Janine Jansen’s International Chamber Music Festival Utrecht.

Jelmer De Moed and Rik Kuppen (photo: Dorien Franken)

Monday 2 December 2024

Saxophonist Ileana Termini and the Otilka String Quartet perform a new composition of a quintet by Ian Wilson, alongside works by Perry Goldstein and Guillermo Lago (alter ego of Willem van Merwijk).

Ileana Termini and Otilka String Quartet (photo left: Parcifal Werkman | photo right: Ewald Geerdink)

Monday 6 January 2025

Saxophonist Deborah Witteveen and pianist Maxime Snaterse take you on a musical adventure with two legendary heroes, Castor and Pollux, with heroic music by Takacs, Chopin and Debussy, among others.

Deborah Witteveen and Maxime Snaterse (photo left: Foppe Schut| photo right: Bas Weetink)

Monday 3 February 2025

Together with soprano Elisa Maayeshi, the Dokwerk Saxophone Quartet performs a narrative concert inspired by the Broadway musical Cabaret with works by Weill, Schoenberg, Britten, Wolf, Spoliansky and Hollaender.

Dokwerk Saxophone Quartet and Elisa Maayeshi (photo left: Foppe Schut| photo right: Rosa Klamer)

Monday 3 March 2025

Emma Roijackers won the famous Oscar Back Violin Competition and plays with her HearAndNow Collective, which aims to make contemporary music accessible to a wide audience by combining it with masterpieces from the past.

HearAndNow Collective (photo: Leatitia Roijackers)

Monday 7 April 2025

Pianist Alexandra Kaptein graduated cum laude from ArtEZ Conservatoire and is also a vocal coach. She gives concerts all over Europe and with leading orchestras. She recently released her debut CD of Liszt transcriptions and returns to Voorlinden for her second concert here.

Alexandra Kaptein (photo: Alex Schroder)

Monday 5 May 2025

Together with pianist Jorian van Nee, versatile double bassist Sasha Witteveen made her debut album. At Voorlinden, they will play works by Giovanni Bottesini, Nino Rota, Xavier Dubois Foley and more.

Jorian van Nee and Sasha Witteveen (photo: Tatiana Abashkina)

Monday 2 June 2025

Passionate cellist Pieter de Koe, known from the award-winning Animato Quartet, plays with pianist Rik Kuppen, this 1st-prize winner of the Prinses Christina Concours is described as a colour virtuoso.

Pieter de Koe (photo: Clara Evens)

Prices and programme are subject to possible changes.