fbpx Families - Plan your visit to museum Voorlinden, Wassenaar


At museum Voorlinden there is plenty to do for the whole family. Not only the swimming pool and the steel maze are works of art that our young visitors can look out for: the entire museum is a journey of discovery for kids. Read more about a visit to Voorlinden with the entire family.


Take a dip in a pool without getting wet or wander through a gigantic steel maze. The Highlights of museum Voorlinden are works of art that you really have to experience. They are always on display.



Are you coming to the museum with your baby? Our staff will be happy to let you in at the special door if you have a pram or buggy with you. In the ladies’ toilets, you can pump breast milk a specially designated bench. There is also a changing table for babies. In the restaurant in the old country house next to the museum, the little ones have also been taken into account. Here are some dishes especially for children on the menu.

Tips for a visit to Voorlinden with kids

  • Children under the age of twelve are allowed to enter the museum free of charge. Was it a bit much for one visit? Feel free to come back.
  • We welcome children in the museum under the supervision of an adult.
  • Talk to each other. What do you see? Maybe you all see the works of art differently.
  • The best way to get close to a work of art is to get an extra good view of everything. Of course, you can’t touch them.
  • Our Guides & Guards can be found throughout the museum. You can recognize them by their black clothing and green key cord. For example, don’t you know where to find the swimming pool? Are you looking for the minilifts? You can always address the Guides & Guards. They will be happy to help you.
  • In the museum you can get a lot of inspiration for a beautiful drawing. Feel free to bring drawing materials with you. Please note that you are only allowed to bring pencils. Do not use the walls as a base.