fbpx The estate - Voorlinden

The estate

The woods, dune meadows and dune areas are freely accessible for walks on the paths.

Discover the rich nature of Voorlinden. An unpaved path leads through the forest and the dunes and eventually returns to the museum. From the highest dune you can see the North Sea on a clear day. The walk takes about 45 minutes. View the map of the estate here.
Dogs are also welcome, if kept on a leash, considering game and birds. Do not leave dogs alone during a visit to the museum or restaurant.

You can enjoy three new statues on the grounds of Voorlinden. 

Ever since he was little, flying has been the greatest dream of the Belgian artist Panamarenko (1940-2019). The 2005 sculpture Batopillo is the ultimate realisation of
Panamarenko’s dream. The sculpture is made of lacquered bronze and depicts an aviator. The figure wears an assembly of batteries and wings on its back. Batopillo symbolises the essential sensation of flight, precisely what a passenger in a modern airplane is missing.

Don Brown
The aluminum cast Don (1998) triggers a certain uneasiness in the viewer. The sculpture is a life-size cast of the artist. As a living statue, with a somewhat arrogant pose and his eyes hidden behind large sunglasses, he keeps the viewer at a distance.

Sylvie Fleury
It is as if these Mushrooms (2005-2006) literally shoot out of the ground like toadstools. Sylvie Fleury is fascinated by consumer culture and the surrounding superficiality and ostentatiousness. Brightly coloured and expanded to human-scale dimensions, the mushrooms are nearly psychedelic in effect. They become both objects as well as agents of desire asking to be touched, embraced and even tasted.