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Martin Puryear

From 20 January until 27 May 2018, museum Voorlinden features a solo exhibition of work by the American sculptor Martin Puryear (1941). Voorlinden presents the first museum show of this artist in Europe, with a large overview of his work from the past decades.

Michael Johansson

From Sunday 8 October, museum Voorlinden will be exhibiting the work of Swedish artist Michael Johansson (1975). The everyday objects that he brings together are given new form and context in his sculptures and installations. 

Shio Kusaka & Jonas Wood

From 30 September 2017 to 7 January 2018, museum Voorlinden presents a duo exhibition featuring the artist couple Shio Kusaka (1972) and Jonas Wood (1977). It is their first two-person exhibition in Europe.

Rodney Graham – That’s Not Me

That’s Not Me invites the visitor to step into Rodney Graham’s universe. This Canadian artist is one of the most consistent, innovative and influential artists of the past forty years.


Martin Creed – SAY CHEESE!

A room filled with balloons kicks off the exhibition SAY CHEESE!, the second exhibition at the new museum Voorlinden. The exhibition brings together 54 works to form a coherent reflection of Martin Creed’s versatile and characteristic oeuvre and has been realized in close collaboration with the artist.


The Meantime

We are living in an age of acceleration. Never before have we had so much time on our hands, and yet never before have we felt so rushed. Museum Voorlinden is taking a break. The exhibition The Meantime invites the visitor to relax between 43 works of art from different periods, styles and movements.

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Museum Voorlinden features a number of artworks that have their own intimate place in the museum, where they can be viewed to their greatest advantage.


Ellsworth Kelly – Anthology

The opening exhibition in museum Voorlinden brings and ode to the late artist Ellsworth Kelly (1923-2015). Ellsworth Kelly is known for his large format paintings in clear shape and colours. His work engages directly with his surroundings.